Fight For Your Dreams: Q&A With Reynold Wijaya, Co-founder Of Funding Societies

A co-founder of Funding Societies in his 20s, Reynold Wijaya is now the peer-to-peer lending company’s chief operations (Singapore) leader, and has helped bring the company’s funding to near $1.25 million. Funding Societies was among the first homegrown P2P lending companies to bring in a trustee registered with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), making for a safer way of undertaking crowdfunding.
Marketplace Lending peer to peerFunding Societies, which Reynold co-founded while completing his MBA at Harvard Business School, offers an online platform for SME owners to start or grow their businesses by providing access to adequate and equitable funding from individual as well as institutional lenders. Under Reynold’s leadership, Funding Societies has raised significant institutional funding for loan investment, emerged as an award-winning platform through its customers focused process flow and design thinking, and built a strong technical team and management team across Singapore and Indonesia.