My Greatest Takeaways From the 12-week Internship at Funding Societies

Everyone dreams of finding a job they love. Like many other undergraduates,
I spent several summer breaks in various internships, letting each experience
guide me in discovery of my passion. This phase of gaining work experience helped
me develop particular interests in two areas
Enterprise development and Financial Services. That was why I was exhilarated when I came across Funding Societies internship
advertisement through NUS career centre newsletter. It was described as a
FinTech platform
which aims to help SMEs grow through Peer-to-Peer (P2P) crowdlending.

At that moment, I had no idea what P2P meant, or what exactly FinTech was all
about. However, I was intrigued enough to want to delve deeper.

My encounter with Funding
Societies has been extraordinary from the very beginning.
The interviewer and I had an equal share of time to introduce ourselves. Unlike other interviews where candidates are selected by the hiring
manager unilaterally, the balanced two-way communication gave me opportunities
whether we would be great fit for each other

I learned that I was being offered to join Funding Societies as the first
ever intern! The past 3 months with Funding Societies have been full of magical
moments and learning experiences. Here are some of my greatest takeaways:

All initiatives are encouraged, even
the crazy ones

At Funding Societies, I am given as much autonomy as everyone else in the
company although I am ‘just’ an intern. I am constantly encouraged to input my
opinions, feedback and suggestions. While discussing about improving
productivity, someone casually proposed moving our weekly sharing sessions from
Monday morning to Friday just because – Monday Blues, and it actually happened!
Such open culture allows me to become more and more comfortable in speaking up.
I find this an enjoyable process because even the most ridiculous-sounding
ideas are taken seriously and discussed thoroughly before deciding whether to
be implemented (Stay tuned to learn more as we roll these out!). Having the
power of choosing what I want to work on also means work is never boring!

Challenge yourself constantly

I got to be part of the competitive and fast-paced start-up scene. New
competition emerges every other day and the only way to thrive is to move
faster than anyone else. Allocating the limited resources with most efficiency
is critical. Freedom and autonomy come with a strong dose of responsibility,
and this period has been a test of my discipline in time management. I am
constantly challenged to reach my maximum potential. I have always believed
that a fulfilling career isn’t a destination
but a journey
. Hence, it’s important to grow together with the company, and
Funding Societies is giving me this remarkable experience.

Your work matters – a lot

At Funding Societies, any work done on each day serves an immediate
purpose. I was involved in meaningful projects that are crucial to the company
and saw it through from planning to implementation. No words can describe the
sense of pride and achievement of seeing my work published on the website for
the first time. I enjoy interacting with our clients through our chat feature on
the website because I know our conversations have a direct impact on their actions,
and often results in Funding Societies gaining new borrowers or investors. I am
inspired to take ownership of my work and continuously strive towards providing
the best experience to all Funding Societies’ clients.

Supportive team makes all the difference
between good and great

Being surrounded by people who share the same goal and passion really
brings about an amplified effect in productivity. I was pleasantly surprised to
learn that all my colleagues, including the founders, would be willing to find
time to respond to my queries no matter how busy they were. I was able to
receive quick advice and feedback from managers with ample experiences and they
have been of great help to me in getting my job done. If I am ever asked what I
love most about Funding Societies, I will not hesitate in answering – ‘complete
absence of office politics!’ I appreciate having the well-bonded team where
difference of opinion can be resolved through a healthy discussion because I
have seen in my previous workplaces how detrimental office politics are to work
productivity and motivation. Here at FS, we are aligned in many ways to achieve
progress and help one another grow.

Earn solid returns on my investment

‘Skin-in-the-game’ philosophy is widely practiced at Funding Societies.
This resonates with my personal beliefs the most. I know what I am working on has
a positive impact on society and I am proud to be part of the solution. As
such, I have started investing in our platform alongside other investors. I
have been enjoying good returns so far and an exciting experience because I
know that it means the funded SME is growing well enough to repay as well as
investors’ money is deployed into efforts that not only result in stable
returns, but make a difference in Singapore’s economy as well.

All in all, interning at Funding Societies for the past 12 weeks has been stimulating
and satisfying, and the steep learning curve has enabled me to grow
significantly as a motivated individual. 

Shin Yiseul
NUS Year 4
Economics Major