Why P2P (Peer-to-peer) Financing Should Be in Your Investment Portfolio

Previously, we detailed the plight of a
typical Malaysian investor: Existing investment options swing wildly between
low-risk but meager returns and high returns but with steep risk profiles and
high maintenance costs. For example, fixed deposits, the safest investment option,
yield a low return of ~3.5% and need to be held to maturity. Alternatively, unit
trusts are for the long-term and come with high costs (buy-in and annual
administrative fees). Similarly, stocks are volatile and require significant
research and on-going monitoring by investors.


We have the answer and it is P2P crowdfunding.
The P2P business model comes with three major advantages: Higher potential returns;
Lower fees; Simple investment process. To achieve greater risk-adjusted
returns, investors invest small amounts across many SMEs to diversify their investment
portfolio. Stand the chance of earning high double digit returns, depending on
which SME you invest in!


We promised an exciting announcement and we
intend to deliver: Consistent with our commitment to improve the livelihood of societies
in Southeast Asia, we will be launching in Malaysia (incorporated as Modalku Ventures
Sdn Bhd). We are a P2P financing platform recognized and regulated by the Securities
Commission Malaysia and will soon provide you the opportunity to invest in reliable
Malaysian SMEs through our online, easy-to-use platform. In the meantime, we
are hard at work to ensure that the proper governance and key processes are in
place to protect our investors. You can register your interest via our website,
and we will keep you updated on our progress and launch!

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