In conjunction with this year’s Earth Day, let’s take a look at ten possible solutions to global warming and climate change.

Climate change is an ever growing issue for the world. Climate action is listed as one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), indicating its importance and the urgency to combat climate change and its impacts.

It’s not too hard to start making changes to your lifestyles to help fight climate change. In this list, we look at 10 different solutions that you can immediately do.


#1 Consumer Choice

Pre-owned and eco-friendly products reduce the demand for new items and raw materials. Purchase from companies that use recycled or sustainably sourced items decreases the effect on our climate and environment.


#2 Reusing 

Repurposing materials allows people and businesses to use less raw materials and purchase less. Opt to repair instead of purchase reduces the need for more products. Businesses reusing waste materials also decrease their carbon footprint. Let’s try to do this at home and in your office!


#3 Save Energy

Simple changes such as choosing more energy-efficient bulbs or washing your clothes and taking a shower in cold water can make a big difference to energy efficiency.


#4 Electric Vehicles 

Using and burning fossil fuels is one of the largest contributors to climate change; cars are a big part of this problem. Choosing an electric car instead reduces the climate effects.


#5 Recycling

Recycling programs make sure items that can be repurposed don’t end up in landfill. Fun fact: landfills not only ruin areas of the environment but also give off carbon dioxide.


#6 Transport Choice

Public transportation is more environmentally friendly; and when your destination is nearby, try walking or cycling instead. This way you can work on your daily steps and, perhaps, save some money!


#7 Digitize

Avoid paper usage in the office. Let’s try to cut down on the amount of paper we print on. Instead, typing out your notes and converting them and other documents into PDF versions that can be read – and sometimes edited – on your digital devices anytime, anywhere!


#8 Reduce Waste

Many companies (especially in fashion companies) produce trending items which inevitably go out of trend, which increases waste. Choosing items that last a lifetime cuts down on wastage.  #SayNoToFastFashion


#9 Place of Production

Producing and consuming products in local shops and markets reduce the need for shipped goods which then decreases our carbon footprint. So, when possible, support your local vendors! #StrongerSMEsStrongerSocieties


#10 Food Choice

The food industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change. Choosing local free-range options and plant-based foods can help reduce the effects that the food industry has on the environment. We recommend you watch Cowspiracy on Netflix!

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