Do you know you can earn up to S$3,000 in cash for each business that uses Funding Societies’ Elevate card through your referral? To generate your referral link, simply put in your name, email address, and phone number here

Elevate is a Virtual Expense Card for businesses that is powered by Matchmove and available on top of a Virtual Credit Line granted by FS Capital Pte. Ltd. With the Elevate card, businesses can draw down funds from the approved credit line to purchase supplies or working equipment.

72ppi Refer Elevate and Earn Infographic 01

It takes only 2 steps to activate this reward for you. First, the business needs to sign up for the Elevate virtual card with your referral link after they are approved for the Virtual Credit Line.

Then, for businesses that successfully receive an approved credit limit on the Virtual Credit Line for S$99,000 and below (category A in the chart above), and spend a minimum of S$100 within the first 90 days of card activation, you will get S$100. 

When the said approved credit limit is between S$100,000 and S$299,000, you will receive S$1,000. And if the credit limit is S$300,000 or more, you get S$3,000. Similarly, these businesses (categories B and C) will need to hit a minimum spend within the first 90 days of card activation, which in their case is S$50,000.

In short, depending on the credit limit that the business you referred has signed up and got approved for, you will receive from S$100 up to S$3,000. All businesses who successfully sign up and get approved for Elevate through this programme will earn S$100. This programme is valid until 31st December 2022.

The Elevate virtual card allows businesses to pay for expenses wherever Mastercard® is accepted and enjoy a market leading 55-day interest free period on the virtual credit line. 

What are you waiting for? Start referring today!  

The Virtual Credit Line is a financing product offered by Funding Societies under FS Capital Pte. Ltd. while the Elevate card is an add-on option, separately powered by MatchMove. For more information, please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet and Facility Terms and Conditions.

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