Funding Societies’ 2022 Summer Retreat at Sentosa

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Here in Funding Societies | Modalku (FSMK), we are big believers in a culture that enables our people to work smart and forge strong bonds as one ‘FSMK’; and having fun is a key ingredient to uphold that! To that end, on September 2nd, around 35 members of our FSMK Singapore team took part in an Amazing Race challenge held in Sentosa for some team-building activities. After what would have been almost two years of no major group activities, we were finally getting together in person for some summer fun!

entrance to sentosa

Source: Channel News Asia

Jointly organised by TVworkshop Asia Pte Ltd and Elevate Teambuilding Singapore, the Amazing Race comprised a total of eight stations planted across unique corners of Sentosa island. Each station involved attempting a unique team challenge as well as a riddle that would lead to the next station. Participants were divided into six teams and were given three hours to complete as many stations. Attractive prizes awaited the top three performing teams. 

Screenshot 2022 10 20 at 2.38.50 PM

The Amazing Race’s score sheet

Faced with a variety of mind-boggling challenges with only a three-hour window to cover the whole island – not forgetting the unkind rainy weather – the odds were stacked against these teams. 

The Race Begins…

The race was off to an interesting start. As soon as the race briefing was over, our participants were thrown into a tricky card game, of which the leading team solved it fast enough to gain an almost 15 minute lead ahead of the rest! Aside from this, let’s have a look at the other memorable and epic moments that happened throughout the race!

A station every team got to try out was the robot drawing challenge. Here, a team would be tasked with drawing a simple cartoon robot using a marker attached with six rafia strings. As each team member pulls one of the strings, they are to trace out the contours of the robot in a way that the art piece looks exactly like the original.

IMG 4283

A team crafting their masterpiece

IMG 4282

Which looks more similar to the original (left)? This one…?

IMG 4289

…or this one?

Our participants also had their song knowledge put to the test. Located near Universal Studios was a station where teams had to guess pop songs…through Morse code. Talk about challenging!

PXL 20220902 160737140.MP

The game master flashing the code on his shirt

PXL 20220902 161559686.MP

A team hazarding a guess

IMG 20220902 160002

The team having a go at the Cross The Lava challenge!

IMG 7294

Our Singapore Head, Simon, takes on the card puzzle challenge

IMG 7301


It would not be an Amazing Race without some blindfolding challenges! Here’s a snippet of some of these stations.

IMG 7260

In the Shape Shaper station, one team member is tasked with directing the team to form a specific shape using only his/her voice

IMG 7275

Teamwork makes the dream work

IMG 7270

Careful not to snap the string, Anthony!

IMG 7292

All smiles for this team!

IMG 4846 rotated

For this challenge, one person from each team will be blindfolded and under the guidance of their teammates, has to plant the flags in the designated cups

IMG 4856 rotated

Accuracy is key to succeed in this game.

IMG 4861 rotated

Easy does it!

IMG 4863 rotated

One team deciding to drop a bunch of flags in one go

At the Finish Line

As everyone made their way back to the gathering point, the Amazing Race drew to a close with the announcing of the winners and a closing speech by both our Singapore Country Head, Simon Xie, and Group COO, Wong Kah Meng. 

IMG 7308

Our second runner-ups flanked by Kah Meng (left) and Simon (right)

IMG 7310

Our first runner-up!

IMG 7311

Sheer joy; the announcing of first place

IMG 7313

Congratulations to our Amazing Race overall champions!

IMG 4311

Simon expressing some words of appreciation

IMG 7320

Kah Meng giving the closing speech to conclude the race

IMG 4316

Can’t end the race without a FSMK family portrait!

And to think the fun ends here! With the finishing of the race, everyone made their way to the nearby Coastes bar for post-event drinks and dinner. Truly, nothing beats a tiring day of games than a time of replenishing oneself with beer and snacks, while reminiscing over the team’s antics over the race.

IMG 20220902 173522

Time to unwind!

IMG 20220902 173502

Presenting the FSSG family! (1)

IMG 20220902 173557

Presenting the FSSG family! (2)

When reflecting on the wholesome fun the team has had, Cassandra DeBonneville, our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity (IDE) Specialist, reflects, “I’m super grateful for this Amazing Race. It was an amazing opportunity to befriend the colleagues in my team, understand one another’s roles, all while challenging ourselves to run around Sentosa! Definitely a great step for inclusion despite not being in the winning team. Looking forward to the next summer retreat!”

Screenshot 2022 10 20 at 3.06.32 PM

Our IDE Specialist, Cassandra

As organiser of the Amazing Race, our Head of Sales, Renee Pak, chimes in, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much! The FS family is indeed amazing!”

1RT 3292

Our Head of Sales, Renee

“It was a great and spontaneous event. One of the most memorable moments was definitely the Kungfu Chopsticks station. It was located at Madame Tussauds and standing between us and the station was this steep climb of what felt like almost 500 steps! While exhausting, it was during our way up where the team got closer as we motivated one another to reach the top. Looking back, I’m fond of how our team coordinated closely and persevered right up to the finishing line despite the pouring rain.” said Eugene, our Team Lead for Sales and also one of our race organisers.

IMG 7483

Team Lead for Sales, Eugene (in green) seen here with his team members

Adding on is Anthony Poh, Financial Product Manager, “I’m glad that we could gather as a big group physically again since the pandemic. It’s such a happy occasion finally being able to meet and interact with newer colleagues face-to-face. Through the running (and perspiring) around Sentosa, this Amazing Race has proven to be a great bonding session!”

RT Funding Societies 05

Our Financial Product Manager, Anthony

Our Singapore Captain, Simon shares, “This Amazing Race personally highlights three important observations about working as a team. 

Firstly, there needs to be an alignment to the same goal, in this case to complete the task and win the game. Secondly, the race demonstrates how a high performing team needs to be wary of its strengths, roles, and responsibilities. This is to ensure that every teammate can focus on their strengths to achieve success (e.g., some people are good at reading maps while others excel through maths). And lastly, I’ve observed how motivation comes from making small early achievements. This was very evident from teams who completed the first game early. Altogether, these observations translate into what makes a team function well and how we should focus to improve it into a high performance group.

And oh I must add, the post-event drinks was an amazing time for us to bond, especially when everyone opened up and shared more about themselves!”

RT Funding Societies 25

Our Singapore Country Head, Simon

Finally, Kah Meng, our Group COO, praises, “A big thank you to our organisers Renee and Eugene for organising our first outdoor team building activity since the pandemic. Despite the rainy weather, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and camaraderie of our team members despite coming from different backgrounds and departments. It was also a timely event to celebrate the successes & milestones we’ve achieved as a business whilst allowing us to re-connect and learn more about our colleagues, old & new, outside of our day jobs. Overall, a wonderful event to kickstart our social calendar & really looking forward to our next adventure!”

KahMeng Funding Societies 02

Kah Meng, Group COO

Thank you everyone for attending this year’s Amazing Race; we hope to see you again next year for another awesome summer retreat!

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