It’s Time to Elevate! What went on behind-the-scenes of our video campaign?

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Many of you may have seen our Elevate brand campaign video and targeted advertisements going around on social media. Elevate is Funding Societies’ virtual business solution, consisting of a virtual card and credit line for small businesses to get more working capital and quickly unlock a myriad of business opportunities. 

The campaign video features three personas who represent different types of small business owners who we serve. Each of them explains how they benefit from the Elevate solution, such as the ability to spend now and pay later, set budgets on the corporate card so as to prevent overspending, and issue sub-cards to empower their often lean teams to make decisions on business expenditure.

In order to drive this video campaign, our Singapore Brand & Marketing team worked closely with our vendors and production team on every step of the production process. From the storyboarding to the scripting, to talent scouting and final shoot, all of us were all hands on deck! An important part of this process was also our Indonesian counterparts in Modalku who helped us along the way and hosted us in Jakarta for the filming 🙂 

Most of the members in both teams have not met in person, in part due to the pandemic and being located in different countries. This built up even more excitement for the Singapore team to head down to Jakarta.

In June, after an intense period of preparation in Singapore, getting on calls and working long hours on refining the concept and content, it was time for us to pack our bags and jetset to Jakarta in July!

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Enroute to Jakarta

On shoot day, we had a packed schedule, so call time was at 6 AM. No time to waste! At our first location we had our Head of Design, Marketing Lead, and our Director of Photography on set to ensure we start off on the same page.

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The 3 of them talking about the storyboard of the coffee shop scene

Then we moved on to the next location for the cafe shots. Look at the bustling set! 

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Set up of the cafe scene

IMG 4576 rotated

Is this what it feels like to be a Director?

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Some snacks and bubble tea to spur us on!

The whole team moved from location to location to ensure we were on standby to point out to the production crew any inconsistencies with the storyboard and work with the directors to make any improvements on the spot. This meant that everyone involved had to bring our A-game and pay attention to every detail, no matter how tired we all were.

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Another monitoring session

12 hours after we started filming the first scene, it was time for everyone to take a break for dinner. We used the opportunity to shut down for 1 hour and get our minds off work.  

IMG 4594
Once we were refuelled and recharged, we moved to our fourth and final location. 

camphoto 1804928587

After about 3 hours at the last scene, we heard the words we all wanted to hear the whole day, “It’s a Wrap!” 

We could hear cheers and roars from everyone signalling a celebration of all the day’s hard work! 

WhatsApp Image 2022 07 17 at 12.10.30 AM 1

Group photo of everyone who worked on the video production

It was almost midnight by the time we packed up and wrapped up production – 18 hours of shoot done and dusted. 

There was still lots to do during post production, but all we could think of at this point was to sleep 😴

We had our Modalku team to thank for the whole campaign shoot in Jakarta to go smoothly! Their hospitality and support went a long way in helping the Singapore team drive the project forward in Indonesia and in making us feel more comfortable away from home. 

How else could we end our trip except with local soul food? 

Image from iOS 8

Singapore and Jakarta teams enjoying a sumptuous Indonesian dinner at Remboelan

For more updates on our Elevate campaign or products, stay tuned on our blog or watch our Elevate page below! 

It's Time to Elevate!

Disclaimer: The Virtual Credit Line is a financing product offered by Funding Societies under FS Capital Pte. Ltd. while the Elevate card is an add-on option, separately powered by MatchMove. For more information, please refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet and Facility Terms and Conditions. Brought to you by FS Capital Pte. Ltd.

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