4 Advantages of Crowdfunding and P2P Lending

4 Advantages of Crowdfunding and P2P Lending

Crowdfunding and P2P lending have recently gained popularity as a financing alternative for SMEs and small businesses. Despite the relative newness of both these financing models, it seems they are here to stay. Here are 4 advantages of crowdfunding and P2P lending.

1. Provides easy access to capital

The main reason why both crowdfunding and P2P lending has become great alternatives for gaining capital is the ease of the application process. With crowdfunding and P2P lending, banks and venture capitalists are no longer the only bastions for raising capital.

Additionally, P2P lending is very suitable for small businesses as its loan products don’t require collateral from borrowers. Creditworthiness is mostly assessed by business health and financials. Meanwhile, with crowdfunding, you only need minutes to put up your campaign and information onto an online crowdfunding platform when you are ready.

2. Great marketing tool

This is an advantage pertaining to crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a great way of introducing a new product or your business to the market via an online-based platform. It is a free and easy way to reach various channels to spread your words, especially as many crowdfunding platforms are integrated with social media mechanisms so it will be easier to generate traffic to your website and other social media pages. Crowdfunding can help entrepreneurs to get organic visits from unique users and potential investors.

3. Quick funding

P2P lending circumvents the normally lengthy process of a loan application in addition to the difficulties and requirements prospective borrowers face. Bank loans can take months before an approved loan is disbursed. By contrast, crowdfunding and P2P lending can fulfill a loan in days, even hours so long as there is enough interested lenders and investors.

4. Investment diversification

Crowdfunding and P2P lending attract not only borrowers, but also lenders and investors. With crowdfunding, most of the investors will get physical gifts and tokens of appreciation from the borrower. But P2P lending offers an investment instrument to the investors. By lending money to quality borrowers, investors can get high, periodic returns on their investments. Other advantages of investing in P2P lending include low entry barriers and flexibility. On a P2P lending platform, investors are free to choose which companies and businesses to invest in and how much they want to invest. This type of investment spreads investors’ risk and is great for educating the importance of diversification.

The above are benefits of crowdfunding and P2P lending that you should know before you get involved in either of them. Click here if you are interested in borrowing or here if you are interesting in investing. Good luck!

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