Simulate your investment portfolio!

What happens when you have one loan in your portfolio? 10 loans? What about 20? 50?

Try this investment portfolio simulator to calculate your potential returns on investments based on how ever many loans and combinations you want to add!

Here are what you can change:
• Amount to invest
• Type of loan product
• Tenor duration
• Simple interest rates (p.a.)

You'll be able to see the returns for each loan, and an aggregated investment portfolio summary. How cool is that? Try it now!

Loan Calculator

Principal Investment Type Duration Simple Interest Returns    Average Monthly Repayment*
Annualized Returns:

Service Fee:
  • * Actual repayment schedule may differ across loans.
  • * Invoice Financing repayment is typically one-time (or 'bullet' payment).
  • The service fee is only applicable to interest earned, on a success basis only.