Top 5 Business Articles for SME Owners in 2018

5 Articles By Funding Societies Every SME Owner Should Read 1

Most of the worlds’ successful SME-owners will agree that it is essential to continuously seek and gain knowledge to spur business growth. However, we understand that time is a luxury for most SME-owners and staying up-to-date with business trends takes a lot of time and effort. That’s why we have compiled a list of our top 5 business articles in 2018 so that you can read on the go and stay updated even with your limited time!

1. How to Manage Your Working Capital During Peak Season

Many business owners will agree that peak seasons are often dreaded and hectic periods. It is natural to be stressed out about managing these seasons but here are some tips and tricks that you can apply to turn the situation into an advantageous one for your business!

This article suggests some methods to better manage your manpower and inventory during peak seasons. It also provides ways to plan in advance or create alternative countercyclical revenue streams so that the business will be less affected by seasonal revenue and unexpected seasonal needs.

2. Why Businesses Should Not Be Reluctant to Talk About Debt

In Southeast Asia, it’s commonplace to view debt as an outcome of irresponsible and uncalculated spending. While that may be true for personal debt, the situation is very different for business debt. There are many situations where taking on business debt is necessary and can even be a positive indicator of a business. Read more on this at “Why Businesses Should Not Be Reluctant to Talk About Debt”.

This article discusses the situations where debt should not be viewed as a negative thing to businesses. We hope that it will provide you with a new perspective on SME financing!

3. Introducing Invoice Financing V2.0 from Funding Societies

Invoice financing is the second product released by Funding Societies in 2016 and is a popular product that allows businesses to realise their unpaid invoices sooner. “Introducing Invoice Financing V2.0 from Funding Societies” depicts the updates made on the existing product such as introducing pro-rated interest on a daily basis and allowing flexible loan terms.

Invoice financing is unlike a business term loan as you are not taking on additional debt but simply freeing up money owed to you, for the service you have already delivered to your clients. If you are in need of more cash for business growth, read the article to find out more!

4. An Overview of SME Financing in Singapore

As the first chapter of the six part Definitive SME Business Financing Guide 2018 series, An Overview of SME Financing in Singapore will walk you through the four common finance-related issues that plague SMEs in Singapore.

If you have ever felt that your business was alone in its finance-related struggles, this will be a good read for you. This article shows how it is very common for SMEs to face financing problems and can help you identify the reason behind your struggles. As you continue reading the next few chapters of the series, you will discover how to better understand your revenue and expenses as well as find out about SME financing options you can consider!

5. Debt vs Equity Crowdfunding

Have you ever heard of the two popular alternative finance routes for SMEs – debt crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding? Well here’s a chance for you to find out which type of crowdfunding suits your business best from “Debt vs Equity Crowdfunding”!

This article breaks down the pros and cons of debt and equity crowdfunding. It also suggests the scenarios where one type of crowdfunding may be more suitable than the other for your business. Both ways allow you to gain access to funds, but each comes with different long-term consequences!

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