Funding Societies Hits SGD 200 Million in SME Crowdfunding

Funding Societies Co-founders Kelvin Teo and Reynold Wijaya

Funding Societies is heartened to announce we have surpassed the SGD 200 million mark in total crowdfunded SME loans. This achievement came just 6 months after crossing SGD 100 million in January this year. In the same period, its investor base has also increased from about 40,000 to  75,000, indicating …

Funding Societies Surpasses SGD 100 Million in SME Crowdfunding

Kelvin Teo & Reynold Wijaya Co-Founders of Funding Societies

We welcome the start of 2018 with wonderful news: Funding Societies crossed the SGD 100 million mark in total crowdfunded SME loans across Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. We are proud to have achieved our growth responsibly, while maintaining a default rate of 1.5%. Kelvin Teo, our Co-Founder and CEO, commented, …

Funding Societies (Modalku) Won the Global SME Excellence Award

Funding Societies (Modalku) Is the First Southeast Asian Company to Win the Global SME Excellence Award from United Nations’ ITU Telecom

At the end of September 2017, Funding Societies (Modalku) won the Global SME Excellence Award during the ITU Telecom World Awards, held this year at Busan, South Korea. The honour makes Funding Societies (Modalku) the first Southeast Asian company to win the award. The Global SME Excellence Award recognizes the …


Introducing Miyu, Your Friendly Chatbot, from Our Customer Experience Team

Miyu, Your Friendly Chatbot from Funding Societies

Funding Societies is excited to annouce Miyubot, a chatbot for use in our daily interactions with you. Driven by artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing, the promise of these technologies in a chatbot coincides with our goal of serving you faster as well as better. Oftentimes, Miyubot will get to …

Q&A: Internship at Funding Societies (Part 2)

Internship at Funding Societies

In our last post, we shared the first part of a Q&A session between our 2017 summer interns and Funding Societies Co-Founder & CEO Kelvin Teo. Here is the second and concluding post, where our interns share lessons learned and advice for those who will embark on FinTech internships. What …


Q&A: Internship at Funding Societies (Part 1)

Internship at Funding Societies

Singapore’s FinTech industry is on the rise. In fact, based on a 2017 Deloitte report, Singapore and London are ranked together as the top FinTech hub in the world. The prominence of FinTech in Singapore has attracted students and educational institutions. This summer, Funding Societies welcomed a diverse group of …