What is a Circular Economy?

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As human beings adopt a more linear approach of “Take, Make, Dispose” in their daily life, it eventually, over time, contributes to the increase of environmental waste and pollution. In contrast, a Circular Economy is a solution framework that values resources to be innovatively reused, benefiting both consumers and the …

10 Ways on How We Can Fight Climate Change

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In conjunction with this year’s Earth Day, let’s take a look at ten possible solutions to global warming and climate change. Climate change is an ever growing issue for the world. Climate action is listed as one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), indicating its importance and the urgency …

Why Green Financing is good for the environment and you as SME

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It is no surprise the weather has become a little heavier, a little more humid, and a little more unbearable each day. The annual mean temperature in Singapore has increased from 26.9°C in 1980, to 28.0°C in 2020, according to the National Climate Change Secretariat. Air conditioning has now become …