Global Tiger Day: How Saving Tigers Helps Humans So Much More?

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Tigers and their habitats provide vast benefits to the climate, people and wildlife. Throughout history they roam freely across Asia, and are seen in Asian cultural traditions. Sadly, wild tigers are now endangered and can only be found in 10 countries (4 in where FSMK operates), where their numbers have shrunk to 3,200 – a decline of more than 95%, from an estimated number of 100,000 from 12 years ago. in the wild. Illegal wildlife trade, poaching and increasing human-tiger conflict pose a threat to their survival. If tigers completely disappeared, we’d be losing so much more than an iconic species. 

In lieu of Global Tiger Day 2022, let us learn how this iconic species of the region helps save so much around us!


Protect water sources

Tiger’s habitats overlap nine of Asia’s most important watersheds. Securing tiger landscapes means securing these watersheds, which regulate and provide freshwater for over 800 million people in Asia.

Save the forests

Forest reserves and protected areas are proven to reduce deforestation and across Asia, tigers are the driving force. It is the most cost-effective way to prevent droughts, reduce flooding, and limit the impacts of climate change. 

Protect other species

Tiger-protected areas save much of Asia’s amazing wildlife. Tiger is an apex predator that sits at the top of a food chain. Without tigers, the numbers of other species would be imbalanced, hence creating a threat to the ecosystem.

A cultural symbol

Unless conservation is successful, they will only be known in zoos and in cultural media. Let us continue focusing our efforts towards helping and ensuring that this species does not become a vanished cultural icon.

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