Get the Fastest Working Capital Loans in Singapore With FS Bolt Mobile App!

Fastest Working Capital Loans in Singapore With FS Bolt Mobile App

Our brand-new mobile app FS Bolt offers the fastest working capital loans for Singapore SMEs. The app is designed to be as user-friendly and borrower-friendly as possible, with (1) a two-minute application process, (2) minimal document submission, (3) approval notification in two hours, (4) disbursement within 24 hours, and (5) loan flexibility.

Did you know that the ratio of SME loan volume compared to SME contribution to national GDP in Singapore stands at merely 36%? Even though the sector contributes to nearly half of GDP and employs 70% of the national workforce? Meanwhile, the financial products available don’t fit SME needs, as SMEs are too large for microfinance and too small for corporate loans. SMEs often lack the credit history, collateral, and sophisticated financial documents required for most loan products.

Our team kept local SMEs in mind in every decision and every step of FS Bolt’s development process. We want our app to answer the two problems regarding SME credit availability: general scarcity of loans and the need for a product specifically tailored for SME needs. With FS Bolt, you can now apply for a loan anytime, anywhere.

No early repayment fees

Here is another FS Bolt feature tailored for SMEs – no fees for early repayment. By all means, repay your loan in full as soon as your finances permit. This useful trait grants borrower flexibility, differentiating FS Bolt loans from other financial products in the market.

In-app customer support

Another advantage of using FS Bolt is that any questions and issues during the application process can easily be directed to our in-app customer support.

Growing your business? Need support? There is no easier way to get working capital loans than using our FS Bolt app. FS Bolt is available on both iOS and Android devices.

You can download FS Bolt with these links:

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