Useful Business Apps for SMEs

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If you are the owner of an SME, it can get quite overwhelming especially when you are wearing many hats and multitasking on the go. Here are our top picks of useful business apps to help you stay on top of things.

Business app for accounting: Xero

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Xero is a cloud-based accounting software which helps to connect small business owners with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device.

With Xero, your data is saved in the cloud, which means that you can access it from your phone, tablet, or laptop, and you can manage your business on the go. Xero also lets you see your cash flow in real-time, enabling you to manage your expenses quickly and easily. Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions, which allows you to reconcile in seconds.

Business app for communication: Slack

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Slack is a real-time messaging and collaborative tool for teams. Its business app offers a variety of messaging options, including direct messaging, group chats, and private channels that cannot be joined or viewed by others. It also allows you to drag and drop files, so you can seamlessly share information without having to switch to email.

Slack improves transparency and collaboration as team members can be kept updated on the project progress by joining relevant project channels. Slack reduces email back-and-forth as it simplifies conversations among team members and thus improving productivity. All content is searchable from the Slack’s search box instead of ploughing through your email inbox to find that one piece of information you need.

Business app for project management: Trello

Trello is a project management tool designed to help individual users and businesses keep their projects organized, streamline communication and improve organizational efficiency.

Trello’s core features are free which is great for small businesses on a tight budget and Trello is also highly visual and flexible to use which makes managing projects more enjoyable and engaging.

Business app for collaboration: Confluence

Confluence is a content collaboration software which allows teams to create, share, and collaborate on projects all in one place to keep your projects moving forward, faster.

Confluence makes it easy to create documents as a team, provide feedback in context and quickly iterate until your work is finalized, thus maximizing overall productivity. Confluence also gives you a central place to keep your team’s work organized and accessible, making it easier for anyone in the organization to find the information needed to keep work moving forward.

Business app for quick business financing: FS Bolt

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FS Bolt is a mobile app for SME owners to apply for a quick loan with minimal documentation. The application only takes 2 mins to complete. After the application, a decision can be made as fast as within 2 business hours. Following which, SME owners can obtain the funds within 24 hours.

FS Bolt considers the various aspects of SME needs by incorporating automation and highly intelligent systems to include non-traditional datasets into the firm’s credit assessment processes, rather than focusing only on collateral requirements and conventional finance reports.

These apps are great for small businesses for their ability to facilitate better teamwork and efficiency among your employees while also being free, simple to understand and easy to use. The use of these tools can help improve employee motivation and drive growth in your company.

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