At Funding Societies, we are committed to improving society through funding underserved SMEs that are deserving of recognition. This time, our Featured SME is World Snack Pte Ltd, a Singaporean business that imports international snack brands from all over the world, making them accessible and affordable for everyone.

Let’s learn more about this homegrown SME in our interview with Mr. Nelson Ng, Director of World Snack Pte. Ltd.

For Nelson, one of the SME owners Funding Societies has served, four years is not a short time. World Snack was born from his vision to bring international snack brands from all over the world into Singapore.

Nelson has since organized multiple events and roadshows, along with securing business financing from Funding Societies to support his projects and grow his business.

Watch the video and find out how Funding Societies was able to help Nelson achieve his business plans through alternative financing!

Q: Why did you build your business?

World Snack was started by building up and combining all the international snack brands from different countries into one platform so anyone can access (snacks) from all over the world.

Q: What inspired you to start this business?

Actually, I wanted to bring in the trend over to Singapore, because we don’t that have many impressive concepts being launched for Singapore. By having all these brands, it enhances the entire value and lifestyle in Singapore.

Q: What are people’s response to the World Snack Fair?

The response was very good. In fact, most of our products were sold out on the Saturday. Because we brought in a lot of exclusive products, 30-40% were actually gone by Friday.

Q: How did you find out about Funding Societies?

I found out about Funding Societies on Facebook. There was a sponsored ad, so I look more into it to raise funds for my projects.

Q: How was your experience with Funding Societies?

Funding Societies is quite straight forward, very clear and friendly. Everyone was doing their best to assess the entire documents and get the job done. Once you get through the first round, the second round is rather quick. It took me just two to three hours.

Q: How fast was acquiring a loan with Funding Societies?

So far it’s the fastest. They went through the background of your company and determine whether it’s feasible for them to fund a loan for our expansion.

Q: Would you recommend Funding Societies to your friends?

I would recommend Funding Societies. Because it is one additional channel to raise funds, and their rates are quite reasonable. It will definitely go a long way in helping you to get additional funds for your projects, and your return will get higher.

Q: Do you have anything exciting planned for 2018?

Upcoming in June 2018, we’ll be partaking in the Garfield Carnival & Garfield Run. We’ll be celebrating his 40th anniversary. I expect that at least 50 thousand people will be attending this event.