There are many forums out there but few that focus on investments in crowdfunding and alternative investments.

CrowdFund Talks is Funding Societies’ very own community page. We are firm believers of the collective wisdom of the crowds (after all, we’re a crowdfunding platform!) and are motivated to create a platform where everyone is welcome to get involved, discuss, and share their experiences on alternative investments. By reading and contributing actively, we hope that you will benefit from the wisdom of crowds.

Be a subject matter expert

We welcome you to share your thoughts on the world of investing. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a retiree, share your investing experience and hear from other users. Listen to others share their investment strategies and ideas for investments.

Crowdsource your burning questions

Confused about basic investing and Peer-to-Peer lending? Whether you’ve invested in bonds, stocks, deposits, property, or a new instrument like crowdfunding and bitcoins, come to crowdfund talks and start your own thread now and find the answer you’re looking for!

Give feedback and see them implemented

Make an impact with your opinions. Over the past year, the team at Funding Societies has taken some of the users’ feedback and implemented them on our investors’ platform.  A recent case was when Crowdfund Talks forum user Jonas requested for a portfolio download option. We agreed the feature would greatly benefit our investors and we implemented the feature!

Feedback from users on Crowdfund Talks

Adoption of user's feedback on Crowdfund Talks
Adoption of users' feedback on Crowdfund Talks for portfolio download

Get rewarded while learning about alternative finance

At Crowdfund Talks, we value the opinion of our investors and we rate quality knowledge highly. We give top reputation marks for generous givers of learning and we even have awards for our top contributors!

Be part of a vibrant crowdfunding community

Crowdfund Talks have been around for a year now and we found that many of our community members have a unique brand of humor! Check out our thread on bitcoin jokes. On top of that, we host meetups with our community! Check out this thread from our first community meetup in KL, where we treated our active members to dinner! Joseph, one of the Top 5 Contributors was presented with a prize. Members also shared their respective p2p experiences and progress, and eventually exchanged contacts to stay in touch!

Vibrant crowdfunding community on Crowdfund Talks
Joke by Contributor jonhan

In the spirit of community and two-way communication, feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions, thoughts, and feedback through the forum. Your input will help us create the best possible site for all your crowdfunding conversations and discussions.

Welcome to CrowdFund Talks. Check it out here!



The forum is owned and operated by Funding Societies. However, we will operate on a light-touch model and allow users to discuss freely, only moderating if we see harmful or offensive content (or violating other Content Guidelines).