Funding Societies is excited to announce Miyubot, a chatbot for use in our daily interactions with you. Driven by artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing, the promise of these technologies in a chatbot coincides with our goal of serving you faster as well as better. Oftentimes, Miyubot will get to you first from now, because she never sleeps. This blog post will share with you in detail some of the inner workings of our droid counterpart.

Miyubot will try her best to answer your queries, especially the basic ones. Upon reaching the limits of her capability, she gracefully hands over to a mortal being. This is because people who populate our CX team are far more intelligent than Miyubot at this point. That is why the humans are choosing to focus their energy on complex queries from investors and borrowers. When she improves to a point where you can’t tell the difference between Miyubot and a human, she would have passed the famous Turing Test, and henceforth be upgraded to simply – Miyu.

Modelled based on Humans

Miyu is the culmination of the warm, unique and witty personalities of the humans behind Funding Societies. We polled everyone in the company with casual conversational questions like “how old are you,” and “where are you from,” to incorporate into Miyu’s spunky personality.

Learn. Not Memorise

There is a fine line between training a bot via learning and having it memorise everything. In the latter, the bot will be quite restricted in its replies because it expects questions to be asked in an exact manner. We have trained Miyubot to recognise variants of typical questions that our investors and borrowers ask based on datasets of past queries that amount to about 15,000 questions.

What Can Miyubot Do?

You can expect Miyubot to address Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). At FS, we get these alot. We created our FAQ page to help users self-serve. But we also understand you would like someone to do the legwork for you in retrieving the answer. We share your sentiment! So we’re trying to get Miyubot to do this. She can answer the following types of queries:


– How do you assess the creditworthiness of SMEs?

– Can I register as a borrower and investor simultaneously?

– How long is each loan open for funding?

– What happens if Funding Societies goes bankrupt?

– Can I cancel my confirmed investments?

– Why does Funding Societies use an escrow agency?


– What happens when funding is unsuccessful?

– Can we apply for another loan if we already have an active loan with Funding Societies?

– What happens after I have made my last repayment?

– How can we contact Funding Societies for post-disbursal service requirements?

What Miyubot Cannot Do Yet

While we are training Miyubot to answer as many different types of queries as possible, her focus has remained on those specific to our business, platform, various general questions and trivia (we’re leaving you to find out which!). She cannot hold a conversation at the level of us human beings yet. If you try to engage her on why Singapore’s recent Presidential Election was a walkover, you’ll find Miyubot handing over to a human for a response. This is because the neural network that we are using hasn’t been trained on such queries. Either that, or she’s afraid of developing a political view in Singapore.

Miyubot is Powered by Our Awesome Interns, and

Miyubot is jointly developed by two interns, Clarissa (Data Team) and Sherman (Customer Experience Team), at Funding Societies and bot platform as well as Within the span of their internship, both Clarissa and Sherman developed and refined a working version of Miyubot. They handled complex technical tasks, company-wide co-ordination efforts and interactions with their counterparts at as well as All of these were done impressively, validating our belief that good work can be done within the span of an internship when talent shines. This is why we consistently empower our folks to contribute meaningfully.  

Miyu’s Future

As Miyubot matures in her ability to handle your queries, her evolution will be towards a Virtual Relationship Manager. We plan for her to be able to schedule appointments between investors/borrowers and our internal team members to answer account related inquiries, help you onboard and engage with you at each stage of your journey with Funding Societies.

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