Funding Societies Investor Survey Summary 2020

Funding Societies Investor Survey Summary 2020

Investors are the backbone of our business – without you Funding Societies would not be possible. Despite a trying 2020, we had a group of supportive investors who believed in us and what we do. At the start of the year, we surveyed these investors to find out sentiments on the ground. Of the survey respondents, 79% of them were Male and 85% of them were retail investors. We had a wide range of investors across different age groups. Majority (63%) of respondents fell within the age group of 31 to 50 years old, while the other 19% of them fell in the 21 to 30 years old age bracket and 10% in the above 51 years old range. 

2020 Investor Survey Summary

70% of investors feel strongly about supporting local SMEs

At the core of Funding Societies, we work to improve financial inclusion in Singapore and Southeast Asia through financing SMEs and providing investment opportunities. We wanted to find out whether our mission resonates with investors and we are heartened to see that, indeed, 70% of our investors felt strongly about supporting local SMEs.

71% of investors are likely to add Guaranteed Products in their portfolio mix

Next up, our investors have spoken! A good 71% of investors are likely to add or continue adding Guaranteed Products in their portfolio mix. With our Guaranteed Returns product offerings, we aim to cater to all investors with varying risk appetites. Investment into these products will have both its principal & interest repayment effectively guaranteed by FS Capital Pte. Ltd. regardless of the SME’s repayment status. Whether you are a newbie or a more experienced investor, fret not as we have a wide range of products available!

Top 4 reasons why investors invested in Funding Societies in 2020

Last but most certainly not the least – our investors have shared the reasons why they chose to invest with us in 2020! Amidst all the encouraging responses, the top four reasons are:

1. Good reviews on other platforms such as Seedly
Did you know? The Seedly community named us the Best P2P Lending Platform in Singapore.

2. Positive word of mouth from family and friends
Did you know? We gave out close to S$6,000 worth of referral fees in 2020.

3. Availability of guaranteed products for all levels of investors
Our Guaranteed Returns products were introduced as a lower risk option in comparison with the other products we offer. There are currently 2 products available, namely Guaranteed Returns Investment (GRI) and Guaranteed Property-backed Investments (GPI).

4. To diversify one’s investment portfolio

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