Trade Financing: Gearing up SMEs for business growth in 2021

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Trade finance has been increasing in popularity as a tool to smoothen out financial demands and drive business growth for Small Medium Enterprises in Singapore. This article will give a brief background of what Trade Finance means, its benefits, as well as the four key types of trade finances in …

Introducing Invoice Financing V2.0 from Funding Societies

Funding Societies New & Improved Invoice Financing V2.0

In 2016, Funding Societies launched our second product, Invoice Financing. Through Invoice Financing, businesses can realise their unpaid invoices sooner. This allows them to put more cash towards business growth. Unlike a business term loan, you are not taking on any additional debts. You are simply freeing up money owed …


4 Reasons Why SMEs Should Consider Invoice Financing

4 Reasons Why SMEs Should Consider Invoice Financing

You are happy. Your sales are rocketing. But weirdly enough, you’re running out of cash. It’s becoming hard for you to maintain a positive cash flow. What has happened? Chances are, you’ve sent invoices to your customers for all the products you’ve sold and all the projects you’ve completed. But …


The 5 Advantages of Invoice Financing

Advantages of Invoice Financing

Maintaining positive cash flow is a challenge for many businesses, especially SMEs. While invoice financing happens to be a great loan option for SMEs, the concept is still unknown to many. Invoice financing is a funding method that allows businesses to essentially trade their unpaid invoices for a quick loan that …