Top 7 Financial Blogs in Singapore


Financial Blogs in Singapore:

If you like to keep up with the latest financial trends or like to read tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your financial plans, it will be absolutely essential for you to check out these financial blogs in Singapore! They provide a rich source of insightful, niched and unbiased (hopefully!) information that you can read on the go on your daily MRT commutes. In no particular order of priority, here are our handpicked top 7 financial blogs in Singapore!

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Dollars & Sense


Dollars & Sense is a personal finance website that operates by their tagline of “Helping people make better financial decisions”. It is run by a group of young Singaporeans in their 20s that are passionate about equipping ordinary Singaporeans with useful knowledge on personal finance matters. With articles categorised under Savings & Spending, Trading, Property, etc., it avoids complicated financial jargons and concepts and instead delivers quality content in a bite-sized manner that’s easy for light reading. If you are new to financial blogs, Dollars & Sense will be a good place to start reading on personal finance tips such as “How to Grow The Ang Pow Money You Received This Chinese New Year”.




Seedly is a budgeting app that allows its users to sync their financial accounts and better manage their cash-flow. It launched its first blog post in 2016 as a way to engage with its community that is interested in personal finance. It gained public interest due to its unique blend of personal finance tips and investment advice written in the Singaporean context, with articles that are generally written in the categories of Investing, Lifestyle, Insurance, BTO & Housing, etc. If you are a new investor or are picking up the habit of reading financial blogs, Seedly would also be a good place to start due to its easy-to-read formatting. You can check out one of their articles that compares the different Peer-to-Peer Lending (P2P) Platforms in Singapore!


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Budget Babe


Budget Babe is a personal blog run by a lady in her mid-20s, that writes about financial issues and tools that interest her. She writes in her free time and holds an average 9-to-6 job, hence, her content is relatable and informational. It usually surrounds unique everyday topics such as the “Most Value-For-Money Dessert Table in Singapore”, that will give you many easily implementable ideas on how to stretch your money and save on the little things. Her content is well-researched yet personal, and you will feel a sense of personal connection to her after reading her articles. If you are interested to “achieve a financially free lifestyle in Singapore”, as she aptly expresses in her tagline, do head on over to her blog!


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MoneySmart started out as a mortgage comparison company under another name. However, it has now expanded beyond that and has a new vision of being a personal finance coach. They aim to help consumers maximise their financial decisions through providing tools for people to compare loans, insurance and credit cards; and have a unique feature of letting users purchase useful products directly through their website. They launched a blog to provide its readers with insightful content in the areas of entertainment, shopping, budgeting, etc. and draw an average of 1.5 million page views every month as reported in 2015. You can check out their article on “7 Expensive Money Traps Lying in Wait on a Typical Day at Work” to get a taste of their light-hearted, humorous yet insightful style of writing!




MoneySense is Singapore’s national financial education programme which was launched by the government in 2003 to help Singaporeans better manage their money and make wise financial decisions. It aims to simplify money matters and equip the public with essential financial knowledge. This is conducted through the use of starter packs which teach people the basics such as “Banking products and services” through 12 lessons (articles). You will have a checklist of lessons (articles) to finish before you can complete the starter pack. There are also many other interesting features such as the Financial Health Check which allow you to check if your finances are currently in good shape as well as to get customised recommendations based on your results.  


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BankBazaar is an online marketplace for instant customised rate quotes on loans and credit cards. Originating from Chennai, India, this online platform has been transforming the customer experience of searching, comparing and applying for loans and credit cards. It prides itself on helping you discover customised offers that suit your needs through a neutral and user-friendly interface. It started a business blog in 2017, touching on many topics beyond personal finance, such as lifestyle, credit cards, loans, insurance, investing and cost of living. With the blog tailored to the Singaporean context, you can easily find articles such as “6 Easy Ways to Get Started with Investing in 2019” to aid in your investment journey.


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Funding Societies Blog


Funding Societies is the leading Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform in SouthEast Asia, authorised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It strives to support SME Owners that are starting or growing their businesses by providing access to funding from individual and institutional investors through their platform. You can find out more on P2P lending here! It launched its blog in 2015 with the aim to provide useful information to SME Owners and everyday investors through articles written in the areas of Fintech, Business, Investments and Company News. If you are running your own business or would like to venture into making investments, the Funding Societies Blog will give you many insightful tips and tricks such as “How to Convert Ideas Into An Actual Business” and the “6 Investment Options That Every Working Adult Should Know”.

Reading financial blogs are an easy and entertaining way to equip yourself with greater financial knowledge so that you can better manage your personal finances and be updated on the financial trends in the market. We hope that you have found these recommendations useful and if we have missed out any of your favourite financial bloggers in Singapore, do share them in the comments below! 

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