Ever had moments where you would camp in front of your desktop or mobile screen at 11:58am, standing by during the last two minutes before a crowdfunding campaign opens at 12pm? You don’t need to do that, because there is Auto-Invest for our investors.

What is Auto-Invest?

Auto-Invest is a super useful function that, when activated, helps you auto-allocate funds to investments that you want to invest in.

How do I activate Auto-Invest?

Set the following criteria based on your preferences:

  • Industries to opt out of (all industries are opt-in by default)
  • Product: Business term financing, Invoice financing or Property-backed secured loans
  • Tenor length
  • Annual interest returns
  • Investment amount: Select minimum amount based on each loan or specify your chosen amount

For mobile users:

Funding Societies mobile app auto-Invest function
In Crowdfunding tab > Click Settings (top right) > Auto-Invest > Create new Auto-Invest rule

For desktop users:

Funding Societies desktop auto investment bot
Go to Settings > Auto Investment
Funding Societies desktop auto investment droplist
Set your preferences and click “CREATE” to activate your Auto-Investment profile.

How does it really work? Give me the details please.

Here’s an overview of the algorithm to give everyone a fair chance in getting funds auto-allocated in the investments of their choice.

Funding Societies Auto-Invest flow chart

OK. I’ve set up my Auto-Invest. Now what do I do?

It is crucial to have a healthy balance in your investor account! We recommend having at least SGD 3,000 so that you have sufficient funds for Auto-Invest to work seamlessly. Auto-Invest will not allocate funds if your preferred investment amount is higher than what you have in your account balance.

Remember, the next time a new crowdfunding campaign comes out, all you need to do is  check whether you’ve been auto-allocated to invest in the loan during the pre-crowdfunding period. So much precious time saved!

YAS cat

Still unsure? We got your back.

Talk to Miyu or any of our customer experience teammates via Live Chat. We’ll be there to help you understand Auto-Invest, and activate the first Auto-Investment profile for you!

P.S. No cats were harmed during the creation of this blog post.