Here at Funding Societies your investment journey matters greatly to us, and we are always keen to receive your feedback and suggestions to enhance your experience.

What is NPS?

One of the tools we use to capture your level of satisfaction is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) which gauges the likelihood of you recommending our service to your friends on a scale of 1 to 10. NPS is different from other customer satisfaction tools as it allows us to see your overall feedback of our brand, rather than just your feedback on a single transaction.

We will send out the first prompt for you to fill up our NPS form 90 days after your registration on our platform. Subsequent prompts will also be sent out every 180 days thereafter.

Why does NPS matter to us?

We categorise the NPS scores that you provide into 3 categories – the detractors, passives and promoters – to better understand the customers of each category.

Categories NPS Score Actions
Detractor 0 – 6 Unhappy customers that may stop using our service and leave bad reviews
Passive 7 – 8 Customers that are indifferent and won’t recommend nor leave bad reviews
Promoters 9 – 10 Loyal customers that will recommend our business to their friends

To calculate our NPS score, we will find the percentage of customers in each category and input it into the following formula:

NPS = % of Promoters – % of Detractors

NPS scores will range from -100 to 100. Naturally, we aim to have a high NPS as that will mean there’s a higher number of promoters than detractors. We will also provide a space for you to input open-ended qualitative feedback so that we can identify our areas of improvement and potential opportunities!

Why Does NPS Matter to You?

We want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us whenever you have feedback to provide. NPS is a great way for us to know how your experience with Funding Societies has been and to make the necessary adjustments to make it even better. Beyond NPS, feel free to approach our friendly customer service officers through our live-chats, emails or telephone at (+65 6221 0958) at any point of time, and we will address your concerns as soon as we can. We hope that our efforts will provide you with a peace of mind in your investment journey with us!