One Global Women Empowerment

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THE FUTURE IS WOMEN: It is the time to accelerate women’s participation in business, everywhere.

Funding Societies | Modalku Group (FSMK) is proud to pledge our commitments towards accelerating women empowerment as part of the One Global Women Empowerment (OGWE). 

A program designed to bring together entities who support women empowerment, workers and entrepreneurs alike, OGWE was initiated by the B20 Women in Business Action Council (WiBAC) – a special task force in the G20 Indonesia presidency that promotes inclusive, resilient, and sustainable global economic growth through empowering women. 


It focuses on bridging the gaps between gender in the economy by promoting policies stemming from the three main themes:

  1. Empowering women entrepreneurs, by ensuring women business owners have the access to financial, legal, and technical support. As a response, the development of women’s business networks on a worldwide scale continues to evolve.
  2. Enabling women’s digital and leadership capabilities, by strengthening women’s access to digital/STEM skills, enhancing gender-based reporting, and increasing their capability to fill leadership roles.
  3. Promoting safe and equitable workplaces, began by strengthening the employment security for women employed in the informal economy, particularly in rural areas, and by creating institutional policies to prevent gender-based violence and support its victims.

Aligned with OGWE’s objectives and B20 WiBAC’s mission in promoting women empowerment, FSMK Group has also been driving gender equality in the workplace by providing equal opportunity access for our employees to unleash their potential as individuals. Some initiatives include:

  1. Providing Diversity and Equality Programme (IDE), by implementing powerful initiatives for women, and improving our gender balance, family programmes, and employment benefits and supports. 
  2. #MakingHERStory is a campaign focusing on women leadership that provides intensive training opportunities for women leaders in our organisation. It promotes women’s leadership and eliminates gender bias in an organisation. Get some inspiration from our female leaders on our series here
  3. International Women’s Day Campaign, by celebrating and showing support to our women employees and leaders in our organisation, as well as women investors and women business owners through different programmes and initiatives.

FSMK supports and acknowledges B20 WiBAC’s effort in encouraging women empowerment for women workers and entrepreneurs in the formal and informal industries. We believe that it is crucial to elevate women’s position and participation in contributing toward economic growth, as well as providing opportunities for women to be empowered economically. Empowering women is essential to the development of family, society, and the nation – Stronger Women, Stronger Societies.

Funding Societies | Modalku Group is also a member of WiBAC and the Finance and Infrastructure task force with a focus on post-pandemic recovery and growth in finance. With the imbalance of access globally, the task force is a collaborative effort towards developing a new normal, more inclusive economic infrastructure.

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